Bullet train in India

All You Need To Know About The Bullet Train In India

Public transport is of very high importance when it comes to a country like India where the population is more than 130 crores. With the increase in population, the number of people using two-wheelers and four-wheelers on the roadways is also increasing. As an alternative to choose, we have railways for transportation within the cities […]

largest residence in india

Largest Residence In India: Well there is not only one!

House is one among the three basic needs of a human being. While for many of us it is a place meant to live in comfort and solace, for few people it is the means of providing luxury and pleasures too. And the people who fall under the latter category would spend even billions on […]

Here Is The List Of Top Earning YouTubers In The World

Have you ever thought about how much do YouTubers earn through their videos? Do you know who the top earning YouTubers in the world are? Check this out to get answers to these questions : 1. PewDiePie: PewDiePie is the YouTube channel run by a Swedish based YouTuber by name Felix Kjellberg. He is the first among […]


One more brick slides off your childhood: McDonalds set to leave India

The trend of fast food in North India is high enough to attract many western food chains to start their outlets and grow their business. It’s not new to India to witness foreign brands or foreign food outlets being setup in large numbers in its major cities. And one name that can’t be missed when […]