Padmavati Trailer Out! A Tale Of Lust And Valour

One of the oldest civilization, Indian culture stores in itself many historical stories, myths, and struggles. Many of these stories have been given a cinematic representation with all its grandeur. From reminding the nation of the Indian freedom struggle, presenting the biography of political leaders like Bhagat Singh, Gandhi etc. to recreating the ancestral lives […]

timeout 72

TimeOut 72: The Festival We Need And Deserve!

Timeout 72, no that is not the name of some Takeshi’s castle type game show; it is the name of the next big thing trending in India, the sound of your dreams, the answer to your prayers or simply the solution to your dilemma of your next New Year's Eve plans. Ladies and gents, it […]


Instagram- How can it be used to earn money too!

INSTAGRAM– this simple photo sharing app has now become a sensation throughout the world! Ever since its inception in October 2010, photo sharing has now become a cool hobby for all the social media freaks. Instagram is the one responsible for those savage hashtags, geotags, hilarious memes, interesting videos and those umpteen number of sparkling and gorgeous filters which […]