Does selfie-addiction imparts a psychological disorder?

Isn’t it funny when you think you are normal, snapping ‘selfies’ every day and uploading lots on every social media? A rise in selfie-addiction disorders has been identified with the advancement of technologies over time. You might not notice, but you are undergoing changes in your behavior and perception if your day doesn’t end without […]

office campuses

Office campuses so cool it will make working more fun!

Today's youth is job oriented. We all want the best jobs in hand, with fat paychecks and an amazing circle of colleagues. But, we also aren't that generation who only bothers to work, no matter how boring the workplace is. We all are vying for those cool office campuses, which will give a 'feel-good' factor. We […]

largest residence in india

Largest Residence In India: Well there is not only one!

House is one among the three basic needs of a human being. While for many of us it is a place meant to live in comfort and solace, for few people it is the means of providing luxury and pleasures too. And the people who fall under the latter category would spend even billions on […]

A Woman Beyond The Twenty-Six Alphabets

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." -Shakespeare on woman (Midsummer Night Dream) With Lipstick Under my Burkha doing successful rounds in the Indian cinema, after being involved in a series of controversies, with the Central Board of Film Certification it was quite unclear what was behind the decision. To say that the movie […]

getting rid of social media

Getting Rid Of Social Media : Why Do We Need To?

Have you heard of the saying, "The more you're glued to Facebook and Twitter, the more are the chances of your life going down the gutter"? So haven't I. It doesn’t, however, mean that what it implies is wholly untrue. Let’s be honest with ourselves: how many times in a day do we check our […]

friday motivation

Places To Get Your Friday Motivation On The Dance Floor

Friday motivation for all you party animals! So you are now in the middle of the week,already tired of work load and college all you want now is your beloved 'friday'.Only one day left between you and your much awaited friday,but have you thought of how you are going to make the most of it? No? […]

motivation quotes

Best ways to stay Motivated and Key to Success

Motivational Khichdi Here is a small effort made by Viral Khichdi  through some motivation quotes to keep you determined and focused so that you can work on your dreams and make them your reality some day.Immerse yourself in to this beautifully curated motivational gallery to keep yourself moving throughout the day.Hope our effort would do you […]