timeout 72

TimeOut 72: The Festival We Need And Deserve!

Timeout 72, no that is not the name of some Takeshi’s castle type game show; it is the name of the next big thing trending in India, the sound of your dreams, the answer to your prayers or simply the solution to your dilemma of your next New Year's Eve plans. Ladies and gents, it […]

adventure trips

Adventure trips you must go to before you die!

Right now, we all have our lives running on a definite track. Some of us are sprinting in the lush campus of an amazing college, some are happy with the wonderful paycheques they are getting, some are content with their happening love life while many are doing great things worth doing. But, honestly, somewhere in this […]

unbelievable places in india

Unbelievable Places In India: The Land Of Mysteries

Unity in diversity: a term that we associate with India for its rich culture and heritage. Be it anything from mouth smacking food, arts to architecture, everything adds to form a cultural treat for your senses. This space is a roller coaster ride with a blend of its varied culture and scenic beauty that forms […]

most difficult trekking spots in the world

Most Difficult Trekking Spots In The World: Would You Dare To Go?

Does the mere sound of trekking exhilarates the breath out of you? Are you a wanderer looking for mountains to scale? You are in the right place! Adding a lot of spice to the usual hiking, here is a list of top seven scapes that are the most difficult trekking spots in the world. Are […]

virginia beach

Unknown Facts About The Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is an independent city located on the southeastern coast of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is the most popular city in Virginia. Known as "America's First Region", which also includes Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News etc. This is a resort city with miles of beaches and hundreds of hotels, motels, and restaurants along its oceanfront. […]

camping ideas

Camping Ideas For Your Upcoming Trip!

Before you pack your bags and run off to the riverside camping site with your homies, you must know some basics rules that will smoothen out the edges and enhance your experience manifold. Here are some camping ideas aimed at making your life just a tiny bit easier : 1. Carry a flashlight Heard about the […]

monsoons in india

Best Traveling Locations For Monsoons in India

Traveling locations during monsoon, what comes to your mind when you hear this? Of course heavy rainfall, raincoats, clogged roads, swamps– Are these the things that come to your mind when you think of monsoons in India? Well, then you need to plan an amazing holiday to some offbeat places in India and change your opinion […]

10 Unbelievable Places In Mumbai To Visit

 Apart from being the most populous city of India, Mumbai also never falls short of amazing sites that are too good to be real. Browse through our compilation of  10 Unbelievable Places in Mumbai to Visit. And we can guarantee you won't be able to help yourself from planning a trip to Mumbai immediately! 1. Kanheri […]