Blue Whale Challenge: The Virtual Killer

It’s the 21st century and technology has taken over most of the daily chores of our lives. Be it washing clothes or utensils, from paper books to art files, we have either appliances or applications to complete the task. While older generation indulged in outdoor games our generation has been sticking to smartphones, iPad, Xboxes […]

independence day facts

Amazing Independence Day Facts That You Probably Don’t Know

For 200 years India was tormented by Britishers. After million sacrifices and immense courage of civilians as well as of freedom fighters we had been finally led to the day of our independence from the foreign rule on the midnight of 15 August 1947. This day holds the mark of greatness of Indian history, yet we forget the […]

freedom day

Why 15th August Was Chosen As The Freedom Day Of India

15th August 1947 to 15th August 2017, it’s been 70 years to the day that marks the Indian Independence. It’s a day on which every Indian pays their respect to all freedom fighters who fought for our freedom. This day marks the end of the British rule. Declared as the national holiday, this day is […]


The Independence story: Because Not All Countries Are Independent

August 15, 1947 a day etched into the Indian memory as the day on which we gained independence. The British colony India turned into the Republic of India marking the beginning of its development in the presence of Indian government. This year it’s going to be the 70th independence day of the country we proudly […]

flipkart buys ebay

Flipkart Buys eBay Inc.!

Flipkart buys eBay! What comes first to our mind? obviously, for some people it will be wow! Undoubtedly we are seeing an Indian giant getting bigger and bigger. But not many of us know that it is just not buying or acquiring the company you still have a lot to do after this. Understanding the market scenario, evaluating […]

significance of raksha bandhan

Significance of Raksha Bandhan: Knot of Sibling Love

Raksha Bandhan, one of the most significant and auspicious Hindu festival, is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu Luni-solar calendar month of Shravana, which typically falls in the Gregorian calendar month of August. Symbolising the love and the bond between the brothers and sisters, it also demonstrates the brother-sister relationship between two […]

Fashion From Television

Fashion is something that has always been the talk of the town. From 'Pretty Little Liars' to 'Lizzie Mcguire', the girls in these popular Television shows have been giving us fashion goals since forever. Let's have a look at some of the fashion from television shows that inspired us. 1) One Tree Hill   Image Source: Brooke […]

india car launch

Finally Jeep’s Compass Hits Indian Market

The day has finally come when Jeep's much awaited compact SUV, 'Compass' hits the India Market. It is also Jeep's most affordable offering till date, it's pricing starts at Rs 14.95 lakhs and goes all the way up to Rs20.65 lakhs. The captivating SUV will be taking on some already established cars in the Indian […]

RamNath Kovind-Unknown facts about the Indian President

Unknown Facts About The Indian President-Ram Nath Kovind

After winning the 2017 Presidential elections, Ram Nath Kovind took oath as the 14th President of India on July 25th, 2017. Declared as the National Democratic Alliance candidate on the suggestion of Amit Shah, Ram Nath Kovind received 7, 02,044, (65.65% ) votes against the former Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar gaining the Presidential Powers. […]