Petrol And Diesel Cars To Vanish In Next 8 Years?

Pollution due to petrol and diesel always tops the list when it comes to global warming issue in India as well as in the entire world. With the increase in population, the number of vehicles commuting on the roads is also increasing, cars being the most used vehicles in all parts of the world. Though […]

achievements of india in science

The Achievements Of India In Science: The Ultimate Benchmarks

After we got independence in 1947 the first scientific milestone that India can be said to have achieved was launching the first Indian satellite Aryabhatta into space in 1975. The chairman of ISRO at that time U R Rao was given major credit for this milestone, rightfully. Since then we have come a long way in […]

Stem Cell technique- Key To Longer And Healthier Life

Stem cells are unaltered and undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate themselves into specialized cells and divide, through the process of mitosis, to produce more stem cells. Found in multicellular organisms, in mammals, they are of two types. Embryonic stem cells, isolated from inner cell mass of blastocysts and adult stem cells, found in various […]

India's Achievements In The Field Of Space

India’s Achievements In The Field Of Space

India's achievements in the field of space have gained prominence all over the world. India has eminently grown in the field of space. It has aced present day space innovation and its different applications for the advantage of society. New space innovation is being used for transmissions, climate watch and for giving data identifying with woodlands, water assets, […]

Social Media: How You Can Use it as a Power Tool

They say that the world is nothing like what it was a hundred years ago. Around a hundred years ago, all throughout 1917 we were the global community were witnessing the first world war, the true starting point of unification of countries as a collective rather than individual nations, and now a hundred years later […]